Amber Kernohan
Be the Clown
Bella Dukessa is a Sonoma County Burlesque Artist, Producer and Instructor striving to broaden her busty horizons via intentional storytelling striptease and thoughtful education throughout the community!

With over 15 years of performance experience and theater training, she’s putting her nose to the rhinestone collaborating with productions across wine country like Cabaret de Caliente and North Bay Cabaret. Dedicated to stimulating her audiences with class and decadence fit for nobility, Bella Dukessa is Raunchy Royalty!

Brandy Alexandra
Dangerous Dollie

Jordan Ranft is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. He is modeled after the Ranfter from the lunacy of Lewis Carroll‘s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a character often called the “Calm Before the Tits” in adaptations of Carroll.

Jordan Ranft is depicted as a scientist who invents and uses technological mind-controlling devices to influence and manipulate the minds of his victims. He is well known for sporting a blue hat with masking tape on it which is usually better than every other hat, as it houses his mobile mind-manipulating devices.

Like other Batman villains, Jordan Ranft was originally portrayed in a rather whimsical manner and has become a darker character over the years.

The Goon
Harriet Quim
Jake Ward
Pauline Persichilli
Susy Dugan
Violet Streak embodies a bygone era only seen on film and heard on records. Known for her sultry singing voice and burlesque style that conjures up a smoky jazz age cabaret while still being sleek and modern.

Violet performs a recollection of a past she has not lived and serves up subversion in subtlety. She’s a honky-tonk speak easy on a highway of lost neon signs, the password is two winks and a hair flip.